Life is Strange: Double Exposure

Who is Safi in Life is Strange: Double Exposure?

It's time to get to know Max Caulfield's probably most important friend in the upcoming adventure.

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During the Xbox Games Showcase last month, Deck Nine and Microsoft surprised us by announcing Life is Strange: Double Exposure, where we once again get the opportunity to hang out with Max Caulfield. The last time we saw her was in 2015 when she starred in Life is Strange, but now she's both older and has new friends.

One of them is Safi, and in a new video we now get the chance to get to know her. Safi's role in the adventure is strange to say the least as she is murdered early on, but thanks to Max's ability to rewind time, she lives again in an alternate timeline and we are of course expected to find out who the killer is.

October 29 marks the premiere for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Presumably it will also come to Switch 2 in time, although nothing is confirmed yet.

Life is Strange: Double Exposure

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