Dead Cells: Immortalis

Dead Cells: Immortalis to get an English dub this year

But a French language trailer for the show has dropped already.

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If you've been looking forward to more Dead Cells, we might just have the perfect project for you to keep tabs on. Dead Cells: Immortalis is an animated adaptation of Motion Twin's beloved roguelike, a show that is set to debut as soon as next month in French all before getting a wider English dub later this year.

The show sees a now very talkative version of the Beheaded teaming up with a new character called Laurie Esposito, Guardian of the Truth, in an effort to take down a variety of dangerous foes and ultimately discover how the Beheaded can finally succumb and embrace the sweet release of death.

The show will debut as soon as June 19 on the French Animation Digital Network, and you can see a trailer for that all-French version below. Otherwise, the English iteration is promised for sometime later this year, as per Motion Twin.

Dead Cells: Immortalis

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