Race sport in beta form (open one)

Race sport in beta form (open one) 🇸🇪

Written by Petter on the 9th of July 2024 at 10:21

The German Competition Company (whose "lead game designer" is a former Gamereactor writer) is working full steam ahead with the upcoming racing simulator Rennsport (interview, here) and tomorrow the beta opens up to everyone, finally. After over a year, very happy news even if I don't play it very much. Cause? No working support for motion telemetry (yet), no sensible support for Fanatec's stuff (yet) and no sensible support for triple screens (yet). That keeps me waiting. But Rennsport is promising, the level of ambition is sky-high and their own video podcast "Radio Talk" is brilliant. Check out the latest episode here: Go!

Stupid Me 4

Stupid Me 4 🇸🇪

Written by Petter on the 8th of July 2024 at 21:46

We've seen them all, me and the kids. Stupid me. Stupid Me 2. Stupid Me 3. The Minions. The story of Gru. And yes, everything has been fine. None of that has been bad and my favorite among them all is spelled Stupid Me (1) closely followed by The Story of Gru. Funny, charming, headstrong, stylish movies with lovely characters. However, there is no doubt that the fourth is the worst of them all. Still "average", but no more.

We saw it at the cinema on Saturday and both my kiddoz were a bit bored, bizarrely enough. After the cinema screening was finished, both Vega (7) and Frank (9) touchingly agreed that it felt too long. And it did. Long. Stupid Me 4 felt like four hours long even to me and I think I know why, because it was overfed, bloated, saturated in a way that none of the previous movies had been. All the different clues to the story meant that the "main story" was kind of forgotten. There were high school memories, talent shows, tennis tournaments, arrogant neighbors, soda machines, super-Minions acting as X-Men, headmasters, kidnapped honey badgers and exactly/exactly everything in between. It became sausage-stuffing messy and when there was no room for dialogue or/and pauses, it was just a cascade of explosions and roars. A bit like Transformers 2 and 3. Or fixed 8. Idiocy, mostly. Where you as a viewer end up getting so full of the madness that the brain kind of shuts down.

F1: The Movie

F1: The Movie 🇸🇪

Written by Petter on the 8th of July 2024 at 10:17

Confusing, perhaps? The sport is called F1. The app is called F1. The annual official game is called F1 and the movie that Apple has ploughed over three billion into now, is called (only) F1. I had probably hoped that the Brad Pitt reel that was shown yesterday would have something a little funnier name and that it might be less Drive to Survive and maybe a little more fictional? An official film about the official sport where all the official drivers and teams, teams and team managers are in the picture, plus Bradley Pitt, together with the "documentary" cinematography feels like a strange thing. For me. I don't really know what to think, actually, other than that it mostly just feels strange. Check out the trailer here!

China tyres are no longer rubbish

China tyres are no longer rubbish 🇸🇪

Written by Petter on the 7th of July 2024 at 10:14

There was a time when I refused to buy China tires from, for example, Kumho, Nankang, Sailun or Ling Long. Refused. Or no, I tested on a couple of cars I owned 14-15 years ago and was terribly disappointed with how they performed, but today the situation has really changed. Not because I feel in any way that Michelin or Bridgestone, for example, are no longer worth the money, because they are, but because the Chinese have caught up here too. Almost completely, anyway.

I recently bought Sailun's R888 equivalents Atrezzo R01 and put on my Focus RS and it should be said, those tires grip like a R888 , straight off. For half price. They bite the asphalt so hard that it almost feels bizarre and considering how quickly pure street slicks wear out, it is also not the case that they seem to wear "faster" than for example R888 or Trofeo-R (have previously ridden on both, plus Cup Sport R). In terms of appearance, they are also just right without a rim protection edge, a simple, sparse R tire pattern and a "bulging" tire sidewall, like a slick tire. Very good buy, in other words as they hardly cost anything. There will be China tires in the future as well, for yours truly.

Have you tasted the new PXL Yellow / PXL Red?

Have you tasted the new PXL Yellow / PXL Red? 🇸🇪

Written by Petter on the 7th of July 2024 at 10:05

The new, completely redesigned flavors yellow/red are now available in almost 1000 Swedish stores (in total). New recipes. New (Swedish top aromas), more carbonation, revamped can design - everything made in Sweden at an all-Swedish brewery and as a product, PXL is today 200% better than it has ever been. Straight off. The new yellow tastes like pineapple and lemon, tart and fruity fresh while the new red tastes like cherry and thus reminds me of a more acidic Dr Pepper. Super good. PXL Green tastes like kiwi and pear, feels a bit like a more acidic Piggelin while PXL Blue tastes like raspberries and blueberries, super summery. I'm naturally biased but all four flavors are worth trying and now there are finally mixflakes to buy. Finally, the Sheriff' 🤩