Call of Duty: Warzone - Battle Royale and more!

Written by polanskiam on the 5th of May 2020 at 12:53

The Eclipse mode, the royal battle for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, had only two drawbacks, but big ones. Firstly, it was an appendage to a paid game with a fairly serious price tag, and secondly, after the release, the developers seem to have completely forgotten about it, having stopped updating and finalizing this mode. Well, it seems that the second time Activision decided to do everything right. Meet Call of Duty: Warzone - the free Battle Royale in the Call of Duty series with some interesting new mechanics.

Still in the review of the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, that the dimensions of the Verdansk map, suspiciously reminiscent of Ukrainian Donetsk, clearly hint at the imminent appearance of the royal battle in Modern Warfare. The developers, despite numerous leaks, kept a mysterious silence almost until the release of the new regime, which took place on March 10, 2020, five months after the release of the base game. By the way, if you have a desire to get an excellent review of games, you can contact the service at https: //mcessay.com/editing-proofreading-service/. This time Activision did not make the same mistake as with Black Ops 4 , and made Call of Duty: Warzone free for both Modern Warfare owners and new players.

And this immediately affected the results - on the very first day, 6 million people tested the new mode / game. For comparison, Apex Legends has a similar indicator of 2.5 million players. For three days, Warzone downloaded 15 million people against 10 million from Apex Legends. Here, however, Activision did not publish statistics for the week, apparently, Warzone did not set the bar at 25 million, like EA's game. However, the numbers are still impressive, let's see what Call of Duty: Warzone offers players.

So, as you already understood, the "Royal Battle" takes place on the big map of Verdansk, which we already saw in the joint mode of Modern Warfare (2019). There is a recognizable bowl of the Donbass Arena, a long-suffering Donetsk airport with a dispatch tower that has become a symbol of resilience of Ukrainian soldiers, and bank branches surprisingly similar to PrivatBank branches, and the ill-fated Metro hypermarket. Well and, of course, typical five-, nine- and sixteen-story buildings of Soviet construction. Plus, for a variety of gameplay, the authors added mountains around the perimeter, a dam of a power plant, a port, a quarry, a business center and other locations. Given the rather large size of the level, 150 players in teams of three people land on the map right away. A week after the release, a single mode for sociophobes appeared in Warzone. Well, then you know. The circle narrows, the number of players decreases, your task is to live as long as possible. But there are interesting nuances.

If you win the duel and someone from your team is still on the battlefield, you land again next to them. If you lose - it's not over yet, your partners can ... buy you out at one of the sales stations! The fact is that in Call of Duty: Warzone, in addition to cartridges and armor plates, there is another important resource - money. On them at special points you can purchase, for example, rewards for a series; own sets of weapons with love selected in Arsenal with already open improvements, perks, etc .; Well, or redeem partners. If the surviving team members actively explore the area and collect money, they can redeem the dead even several times per game.

On the one hand, this reduces the value of a single life that adds adrenaline to the royal battle, and on the other hand, it allows to bring a larger number of full teams to the final phase of the game, maintaining the intensity of the battles almost to the very end. Plus, this solution will probably attract to the game those who are used to more traditional multiplayer modes with multiple revival. It is clear that for some time before the end of the game, when the circle is already narrowed enough, both the GULAG and the ability to redeem a member on a team are disabled. However, once I came to life in the Top 20 in an already small circle without the ability to get weapons and ended up in the Top 3. In solo mode, the maximum you can count on is one rebirth after winning the Gulag. But in the second game mode, presented in Call of Duty: Warzone, the number of revivals is unlimited, and the players' task is somewhat different.