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Carhenge in Nebraska

Carhenge in Nebraska along Highway 87 just north of Alliance by Kathy Alexander.

Roadside stops, strange statues, larger-than-life items, gimmicky signs, quirky architecture — popping up along America’s roads and highways often bring drivers to a screeching halt, a quick turn around, or, at the very least, an expletive — “what in the hell was that?”

Now and then, unsuspecting folks see something along a road trip that is so odd that they can’t believe their eyes. Must have a second look, a photograph, and a photograph with “me” in it. Is that Stonehenge in the middle of Texas? What the heck is hanging from that tree? So, why do I keep seeing huge statues of a blue ox? Why are there dinosaurs everywhere?

Beginning in the days of Henry Ford’s Model-T, travelers began to whiz by faster and faster, overlooking the many vendors and shops trying to peddle their wares. Solution — build big signs, statues, and other advertising gimmicks to lure people into stopping. Artists were encouraged to build along the highways so passersby could see their creations. Some, however, want to build things, not caring if people stop to look; hence, the Winchester House in California or a bottle house in Nevada.

Most often, though, these oddities are built to attract attention, whether it draws people into a store or brings attention to themselves, their city, or a cause. In any event, these oddities make the drive across America bunches of fun.

Quirky Stuff:

Joseph City, AZ, Here It Is Sign, Carol M. Highsmith, 2006

Joseph City, AZ, Here It Is Sign (Photo art by Kathy Alexander, original image by Carol Highsmith)

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Quirky Places: 

Quirky Arizona

Booger Hollow, Arkansas Double Decker Outhouse

Booger Hollow, Arkansas Double Decker Outhouse by Kathy Alexander.

Quirky Arkansas

Quirky California

Quirky Colorado

Spud Drive-In Potato in Idaho

Spud Drive-In Potato in Driggs, Idaho. Photo by Kathy Alexander

Quirky Idaho 

Quirky Illinois

Quirky Kansas

Quirky Missouri

Quirky Montana

Pahrump Museum -Giant

Found discarded at the Pahrump, Nevada Museum. Photo by Kathy Alexander.

Quirky Nevada

Quirky New Mexico

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Quirky North Dakota

The Blue Whale, photo by David Fisk.

The Blue Whale, photo by David Fisk.

Quirky Oklahoma

Quirky South Dakota

Quirky Texas

Quirky Washington

Thought to be a myth by many, the jackalope is alleged to actually exists in remote areas of Wyoming.

Thought to be a myth by many, the jackalope is alleged to exist in remote areas of Wyoming.

Quirky Wyoming

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