Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI

Written by Helena1505 on the 10th of May 2019 at 09:02
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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - my review
Once you've finished the game — and you've seen Zack's premature, but ultimately, inevitable demise — you can either start the game over again in heavy mode, or in New Game Plus. The usual standard RPG game is here - you can store your items, levels, materials, accessories, and so on. Which is not so bad if you want to plow through the game without the need to grind.

Did we miss something? Well, just one more. Since Crisis Core is a game for Sony PlayStation Portable, we have to mention how you can play it while on the go. In a fairly clever step, Square Enix compiled all side queries that any final participant could just drive crazy into a neat, easily selectable list that you can create at ANY TIME while you are at the save point.

Called Side Missions, these are simple pieces of action the size of a piece, which you can select, crack, and then close them in no time. And in these missions, there is nothing particularly difficult - they usually include studying a subsection of a large map, searching for treasures, fighting enemies or even with the boss with whom you previously fought.

This not only breaks the monotony, but it is definitely a pleasure that you can easily get access to the basic (without puns) gameplay of Crisis Core, without going through long videos or conversations. Thus, we pay tribute to Crisis Core for a job well done in portability.
And now our verdict. I was, frankly, at first doubted when Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII appeared. Regardless of series or genre, the prequel of an already existing IP address almost always never turns out to be what you hope for. Crisis Core is not one of those games.

This is a whole lot of things - a love letter to loyal fans of Final Fantasy VII, an obvious love work from Square Enix, a tribute to one of the best RPGs ever made mainstream - but most of all. It's a good game that costs your hard-earned money and attention.

With this, I offer you the last message: the time has come to finally return to Midgar and enjoy the memories again, no matter how bitterly sweet they are. Come on - you deserve it.