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GRTV News - Inside Out 2 continues dominance at box office

The animated sequel continues to perform remarkably well despite only three weeks in cinemas.

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"Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of GRTV News, today we're going to be talking about the biggest film of 2024 at the moment should we say, Inside Out 2.
We've talked about this film a few different times on GRTV News as of late and for good reason really, because it's not just a big film in the standards of 2024 which is admittedly not a great year for the box office in general, but it's a massive film in the grand scheme of the box office as a whole. This film has been steadily growing and generating more and more revenue on a weekly and daily basis and now after another weekend it's up there, it's in the top 25 of the highest grossing films of all time and the remarkable thing is that it's done it in an almost record pace. So let's dive on in and take a look at this."

"So yes, as you can see Inside Out 2 continues a remarkable box office run by topping 1.2 billion dollars, it's now the fourth highest grossing animated film ever.
So Inside Out 2 has been a success story in a way that few would have ever predicted.
The animated sequel has been out for around three weeks and in that time has raked in over 1.2 billion dollars making it one of the fastest growing films of all time. As it stands following another weekend that added around 100 million dollars to its total tally, the film is the 25th highest grossing film of all time and the fourth highest grossing animated film ever with 1.216 billion dollars to its name. It currently sits behind The Fate of the Furious which raked in 1.236 billion dollars meaning Inside Out 2 only needs to generate 20 million dollars to top the action epic. As for the animated sector, The Incredibles 2 will be the next target which managed 1.243 billion dollars during its box office run."

"Needless to say many of these close targets seem absolutely possible for Pixar's hugely successful sequel. Inside Out 2 is also steadily growing to become one of the biggest films of 2024 by a huge margin. It needs to make around a further 200 million dollars and it will have doubled Doom Part 2's 711 million dollars. Have you seen Inside Out 2?
And once again I'm going to go over to one of my favourite websites, the fantastic box office mojo. So if we look here just quickly, Inside Out 2 is down here. Now it looks far down I understand but some of the films above this are ones that we you know we look at as like complete record breakers in a lot of senses right. So yes here's the next one The Fate of the Furious it's like 20 million ahead. Then after that is Incredibles which is not too far ahead itself. The Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, that's the second highest grossing animated film of all time. Then we've got Jurassic World, Star Wars. Basically if Inside Out 2 generates another 100 million dollars. Let's say it takes a week to do that at this point because it's steadily or let's say that it might be able to do it by the end of this week coming. You know 20 million dollars a day throughout the weekdays. Seems like a lot but this film's making a huge amount of money. So let's say that it can make 100 million dollars by the time we head to the weekend. It'll be the 20th highest grossing film of all time and it will be 50 million dollars or so behind the Super Mario Brothers movie which is the second highest grossing animated film of all time. So yeah we'll have to see whether it can it can continue its massive and successful spree. It's been absolutely remarkable the way that Inside Out 2 has been operating so I'm excited to see what its peak can be. But yes that's basically the run-of-the-mill news bits today. We'll be following up on this as it continues to break milestones and continues to generate even more revenue. It will you know it absolutely will continue to generate more revenue. It's massively you know a film like this doesn't just stop generating money. It's going to continue being popular. It's going to continue seeing people pick up tickets and go and watch it at the cinemas and I wouldn't be surprised if over its remaining theatrical run it generates another 200 million dollars or something like that because when a film makes this much money in a climate like this basically Disney aren't going to be pulling it out of cinemas anytime soon. Even though there is some big movies coming out in July that are going to be competition for it. Particularly Deadpool and Wolverine at the end of the month. But yeah as we know more about all those films be sure to keep posted and updated otherwise I'll be back now tomorrow for the next GRTV News of the Week so stay tuned for that."

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