Nebraska – The Cornhusker State

Nebraska Postcard

Nebraska Postcard, available at Legends’ General Store.


Whatever your interests and wherever your travels may take you in Nebraska, you’ll discover that the possibilities are endless.

Take a part in Nebraska history as you visit the 20-million-year-old fossil beds, pioneer trails, and visit Fort Robinson State Park.

Enjoy Nebraska’s diverse beauty as you see towering land formations, rugged buttes, and yawning prairies. Enjoy an infinite list of outdoor activities as you hike and bike the trails of its many state parks, fish the White River or climb its many cliff formations.

From small-town ethnic festivals to uptown art shows, you are sure to enjoy Nebraska.

Enjoy your travels in Nebraska, and welcome to the Cornhusker State.

Kathy R. Weiser-Alexander


The state flag of Nebraska consists of the state seal on a field of national blue.  The official state seal was created in 1866.  The seal displays a steamboat ascending the Missouri River; the mechanic arts are represented by a smith with a hammer and anvil, and agriculture is represented by a settler’s cabin, sheaves of wheat, and stalks of growing corn.  In the background is a train of cars heading towards the Rocky Mountains.  Around the top of the circle is the state: “Equality Before the Law.”

Nebraska Farm, by September, Kathy Alexander.

Nebraska Farm, by September, Kathy Alexander.

©Kathy Alexander/Legends of America, updated February 2024.

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Covered wagon at Chimney Rock, Nebraska

Covered wagon at Chimney Rock, Nebraska


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