How To Get More Followers? - Semalt Reveals The Secrets Of Social Media

For any online business, growing the number of your followers is a success dream. Many individuals who set up personal e-commerce website want to achieve the best out of their activities, and so they opt for the online marketing channels. Online marketing involves digital techniques such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well as Social Media Marketing (SMM). These strategies are different, but all target at bringing visitors to your door step. Social media platforms such as Facebook has a following of up to 2billion users globally.

When a person sees online content, a process AIRC happens. This occurrence is whether the content appears on a SERP, targeted ad of direct browsing. Your website should be able to perform this task or else the social media initiatives won't work. As said above, SEO and SMM bring visitors to your site, which represents a physical store. Once you have the visitors, it is the work of your website to convert these visitors to customers.

Ivan Konovalov, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt Digital Services, provides valuable tips on how to evaluate social network analytics.

Grow your audience

In social media, it is all about followers. Whichever the platform you choose, it is a game of numbers. The higher the number of followers the better the situation for your online marketing campaign. For instance, Facebook and Twitter can help you grow this number through sharing information, retweets and creating quality posts. Some black hat criteria such as paid following may not mean much to your e-commerce success. In any case, you risk a penalty in the ranking on Google SERPs.

However, gaining a steady following in social media is not a simple task. Tools like Klout can help you get a picture of your social buzz. They measure social influence as well as showing you the content which is treading.


Just like traditional SEO, effective social media involves the use of some specially selected keywords to help you rank. Remember, the search panel of social media behaves like a typical search engine. Furthermore, the content of social media is indexed b search engines. Your keywords and content on social media platforms like Facebook appear on the SERPs just like your web pages.

Paid ads

Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter have a good platform for making online advertisements. The good thing is, with paid ads, you can narrow down the targeting to individuals with a similar interest. Using special tools, you can copy followers using your current email lists and get to new potentials. Social media following through advertisements can make your e-commerce dream a success.


In digital marketing, social media is one of the most efficient online marketing platforms. Social media has the capability of reaching millions of users globally. Consequently, your website can get a global following of over a million subscribers. The problem of this is how to do the Social Media Marketing itself. Part of the solution to this include the tips in this article. You can be able to use the social media analytics data and make the necessary adjustment to your online marketing campaign. These tips will also help your SEO efforts by making your website rank high on the SERPs.

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